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Privacy Policy

It's important to note that the characters are considered as: all information that can be used to identify the character. These are, of course, sensible considerations, such as: religious conviction, sex or sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, genetic or biometric, religious affiliation, religious affiliation, religious affiliation, religious affiliation, religious affiliation, religious affiliation.

This privacy policy is informed in a manner that ensures or treats the persons who access the site www.frigorificobolson.com.br informing themselves, in a transparent form which includes all the clauses, the intuition of the coil and the manner in which it is visited control or delete your information.

This text is in agreement with the Proteus of Dados Pessoais (Lei / 18), Marco Civil on the Internet (Lei 12.965 / 14) and in accordance with EU Regulation n. 2016/6790. Please note that this text can be used to alter alternatives to eventual normative updates.

We inform you that all personal information contained through our website www.frigorificobolson.com.br, is used to improve your experience or navigation on our website, showing the manner in which your visit is viewed and viewed as a vantage point.

The confidentiality of the information received by the users of the site www.frigorificobolson.com.br is the amount of import for our team, but for this reason, we continuously automate all internal processes, using or closing the privacy policy, in order to form a privacy policy. los em segurança e de chordo com todas as normas impostas.

The people who visited the visitors can be summed up as follows:

II.I - Individual realization and creation of a cadastre on the site www.frigorificobolson.com.br and with a database based on solicitation data such as: email, name, city, telephone, etc.

II.II - Individual navigation on the pages of our site and in this case, podmet ser coletados dados as: palavras-chaves de origem do buscador, comentários, navigador utilized, IP da rede, etc.

II.III - For most third parties, such as: Google and / or Facebook, as long as you do not log in to these sites you are authorized to direct such third party.

From the moment of use of the website www.frigorificobolson.com.br pressed that the user has acquired the privacy policy. This form reserves the right to modify this policy if it is done in advance. For this reason, we recommend that you use us regularly and consult regularly with our policy, in order to stay up-to-date on any alternatives you may need to enter your personal email address: .br informing your questions.

The developer can use the information provided by the user to access the site, including name, e-mail, landline / mobile number, address, date of birth, ip and / or other data. To a large extent, these items are used to activate the geotarget function (find out the tuning points with location) and filter by type of user (analyzing the necessity of each one).

The site www.frigorificobolson.com.br can be counted on external sites, which can be used as a source of information and / or information. This privacy policy does not include external sites, for the benefit of the user, or as a place to access the privacy policy of the site in order to provide details.

The site uses cookies with or without the purpose of informational information, such as, for example, public preferences that access to a specific site, these cookies can be co-operated because of the same popup or that it has an integration with servers.

You may use the website www.frigorificobolson.com.br for total autonomy to deactivate cookies or cookies, to access and configure your preferred navigator and to modify it, or at least, to use an antivirus that is configured. Please note that this modification can influence how to navigate our site and other sites. It's unfortunate, but some programmers need to use cookies to function correctly, as well as sites that need to login to determine if they are restored.

As we advertise on our website, we can use a system that collects cookies or web beacons, as well as intuitively to prevent further advertisements, offers and products for the final user. Tornando assim, a publicity assertiva e efficient for ambas as partes.


Google's use of DART cookies on our site, the use of which is important for the company to be able to make ads for access to other sites that the user has access to before the Internet, but to remove or deactivate the user cookies directly accessible by Google's privacy policy.


No matter how many newsletters or cookies you send to us by e-mail or cookies, we may use it to direct you to the appropriate content, as well as your intuition and experience of what the subject or e-mail is about, let alone Each email provider can be directed to you, for example by accessing the gmail site to enter your respective policy mouths.


Visiting or paying site management fees, with no notice on our site, keeping track of the information and all the information, including: IP, ISP, Browser, Permanence time.


Our company does not use Google Analytics service to crawl, calculate, and analyze any or all of the content received at www.frigorificobolson.com.br. final user, and policy is available at the following links:


Please note that no matter what Google or the Parties do, we use co-operative data, the liability is unique and exclusive, the form www.frigorificobolson.com.br forms the basis of any liability due to the use of the data.


This Privacy Policy applies to your latest update as of 11/08/2021, subject to modification at any time, without prior notice.